5 Reasons You Should Book A Masters Trip For Your Sales Team

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By MAC Sports Travel on Jul 18, 2019

Group Packages For The Masters

Looking to plan a fun group trip for your business? The Masters is undoubtedly the largest golf tournament in the world, and an excellent choice! A classy choice, the Masters attracts an older and more mature crowd who have a vested interest in golf and everything that the sport has to offer. If you are considering taking your to performers on a sales incentive trip or even just a casual office trip, take a look below!


Here are some benefits to taking your group on a trip to this once-in-a-lifetime great event!

1. Cheapest Food in Sports!

The menu for the Masters is by far the cheapest in sports. Often times, the menu for sporting events is grossly overpriced. A beer at a New York Knicks basketball game is $12.50. A hot dog for a football game at Soldier Field will put you out $10.00. A regular soft drink at the LA Coliseum is $7.00. On top of this, there’s really no guarantee that the food will be quality at these stadiums.The Masters, however, offers professionally prepared food at an amazing price. Here are just a few examples of the food that they offer that your group will love: 

  • Pimento Cheese Sandwich ($1.50)
  • Soft drinks ($2)
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap ($3)
  • Ham and Cheese on Rye ($2.50)
  • Domestic Beer ($4) 


2. Tour Local Businesses in Augusta

Do you like supporting local businesses? Augusta has no shortage of local businesses that can bring people together through food and drink! About a mile behind the course, there is amazing Cajun food, delis, and many locally owned bars. It’s not any fun eating alone; having your group eat and drink together can create an environment promoting community and comradery! Augusta is a great area for groups and people and can be an amazing location for your group trip!

Tour Local Businesses in Augusta during the Masters

3. Go Golfing on the Local Courses!

There are a whopping seventeen local golf courses in a fifteen-mile radius around the city of Augusta. Golf is an amazing sport for team bonding and learning more about one another. Golf is the professional sport of the business world; it is exclusive and plays at a slow pace, allowing individuals to form intimate relationships while together. Playing an round of eighteen holes can go a very long way in building your team and building a closer workplace environment.

Go Golfing on the Local Courses!

4. Not Far Away from Atlanta!

Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the USA and is extremely clean. The city has a brand new billion-dollar football stadium, new multi-million-dollar basketball and baseball stadiums, the second largest aquarium in the world, an Olympic Park, and much more. Take your group to a tour at the Coca-Cola Center, a behind the scenes glimpse of the Atlanta Aquarium, or just walk around the beautifully developed city.


5. Very Classy Environment!

Golf is a very high-class and exclusive sport. It costs a large amount of funding to play, is played in an exclusive location for privacy, and is slow-paced which allows for socializing. Additionally, daily tournament tickets are on the more expensive side, and attract a safe and responsible crowd. The Masters is a very safe environment for your group and can help everyone connect well!


We believe that planning a group trip with your team or coworkers will support camaraderie, business development, and most importantly, retention and consistency of employees. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and many will cherish the opportunity to attend this prestigious event.

This said, we highly suggest planning your group business trip to the Masters tournament today! Skip all the hassle of buying tickets, finding hotels, and even booking food. Let Mac sports handle all the nitty-gritty details. Sit back and relax, and have the time of your life at the Masters 2020!

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