You’re never too old to enjoy a Grand Slam – A centurion in Paris!

MAC Sports Travel
By MAC Sports Travel on May 30, 2018

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We had a special guest at the French Open this week, Evelyn Schroedl, who is 100 years old. She had always wanted to go to the French Open, she had been to the other Slams, however never managed to get to the French. Her tennis buddies Irene and Diane decided to help her get there with our help (Evelyn still plays tennis, however only doubles now?)


Evelyn was a delight – she was so happy to be in Paris and was very excited to be going to the French Open. She loved staying at our local hotel the Queens, and every morning she was in the foyer reading the New York Times, ready to go to see her favorite players. The first day she walked with us to the stadium and really enjoyed the hospitality, everyone tried to make sure she was looked after and had a great time. She really enjoyed the champagne and desserts especially!

One thing that struck me about Evelyn was her positive attitude and delight to be there. She never complained about anything; it was a pleasure meeting her and her friends and making sure that the French Open was ticked off their bucket list.


It’s meeting guests like Evelyn that makes organizing these trips so rewarding – you’re never too old to enjoy great tennis! Hope to see you at another Grand Slam next year Evelyn!


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