Renée Lerner

Jeremy, David and I could not be more pleased with the Wimbledon package that you arranged for us.  The Copthorne Hotel suited us just fine and having breakfast with many of the tennis players was so much fun. Going to the Championship Club was a luxurious touch. The boys really liked being so close to the players on Court 2 and then our seats at Centre Court were well placed so that we did not have to swivel our heads to see the ball. But more than that, to see Nadal, Venus and Andy Murray playing on this court was truly special and exciting. What an experience it was to be at Wimbledon eating our strawberries and cream, sitting on the hill and watching, with all the other tennis enthusiasts, Federer play. We thank you for making this visit a great and memorable experience. (And, how did you manage to get us two rainless days? What a coup!) We were very glad to meet you and hope that the rest of your stay went well.