Had a great time, the Hotel was awesome, we loved Charleston also. We were able to see a few sights as well as some golf. The PGA was good, just a little hot the first day and even Saturday before the rain. Friday was better than the others but you are right the transfers to the course were very bad, nothing to do with you guys. It was a 2 ½ hour trip from our hotel to the front gate of the course. Coming back was better for us but we never stayed until the very end on any day. We decided not to go on Sunday,we had seen enough and didn’t want to fight the traffic. We did some sightseeing on Sunday till about 4:00 and came back had a late lunch at a local restaurant and watch the golf on the big screen. It was good, thanks so much for the carriage ride we really enjoyed it as well. Charleston is a great town, my wife thoroughly enjoyed it and the people at the hotel were top notch.