Jim & Lou Griffin

We were so impressed with Mac Sports and with you as our guide for the US Open Tennis in New York in September of 2017. On the way down for the first day of tennis in the elevator, you met us by introducing yourself by stating that we “looked like” the couple you was supposed to meet in the lobby.  Michael, in no way, could you have been a better host and guide for the US Open. You gave us our tickets and paid passes for the subway. We talked all the way to the US Open grounds. You showed us how to navigate the subway to get home, you identified places of interest as we made our way above ground on the subway. You then made arrangements for us to travel in the “quick line” at the US Open to get into the grounds. You stated that it is the belief at Mac Sports that none of your clients should stand in line. You escorted us and showed us all the courts, points of interest, eating venues, restrooms, souvenir shops and then took us into the main arena and made sure we found our seats. We did not have to guess at anything – it was just wonderful! 

The second and third days were no different. You met us and escorted us all the way into the grounds. Not only that, you pointed out restaurants that you liked along the way as we walked to the subway that’s another thing – the subway was just a few blocks away from our hotel. Michael – you were the perfect gentleman and perfect guide for our tour and experience of the US Open!!! If we are ever able to do something like this again, it would be an absolute joy to have Mac Sports and YOU if possible be our host!!! 

The US Open experience was priceless and Mac Sports and Michael Jeffs help to make some unforgettable memories!!!!!!! Truly – our entire experience could not have been better!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mac Sports and a warm and caring thank you to you – Michael Jeffs!!!!!!!!!