I had a lot of fun with you guys, and everyone on tour at the same time as me were really nice.  Everything went right as supposed and was so easy!  From the transfers, to the hotel, travelling on the tube or around the grounds of Wimbledon, you guys were the perfect guides! All I had to do is open my eyes to make sure I didn’t miss anything, or any player at  breakfast (!), and enjoy every minute of my time at the tournament. The hardest part was to choose the matches I wanted to see! Really it was a pleasure and I’m so happy I could make it this year!!!  As a tennis lover, Wimbledon was the tournament at the top of my tennis bucket list! The tournaments I would like to attend in the next years are, Australian Open (my last slam!), Cincinnati, Indian Wells, Rome and Madrid, until then I will enjoy my time at the Rogers Cup in Montreal !!