Dee & Scott

I will never be able to thank you for planning Our Trip of a Lifetime. Every experience was amazing and the people of Australia are so very proud of their Country and Culture and want you to Love it as much as they do- exceptional service everywhere. Hats off to the flight coordination, 9 flights and each one went smoothly, no lost luggage or delays. Highly recommend Fiji Airlines, lovely service and very comfortable. Accommodations were fabulous, All four places lovely, clean, spacious. Highly recommend each one. On a special note, Thala will hold a special place in our memory as that is where we got engaged. The resort at Tokoriki was Heaven, a perfect way to end a perfect trip. I am not sure I would do the meal plan again at Tokoriki,  so much food, you feel wasteful not eating because its paid for and when you order, the portions were rather large. It is a toss-up! They did a lovely birthday dinner for Scott, truly fabulous!!!! The tickets at the Open and the tours were great. Loved the walking tour in Melbourne, the shopping was great much to the dismay of my fiancé! Our feet have not touched the ground yet. We have been asked about what was the best part ( other than getting engaged) of the trip. It all was the best, your attention to detail made each destination a trip of a lifetime. We experienced four very unique places and hope to return someday. In sharing our travel with friends, I have highly endorsed your company, sharing phone number and email to several people along the trip in Australia and Fiji.