Bonnie & Bill

Happy to say everything went well! A few notes: Where is our Qantas!!  They were fantastic! The Melbourne City tour was very interesting and necessary to view the city. The tennis was awesome, Rod Laver and Hisense are almost like indoor courts except the seagulls that continued to dirty the court!  Margaret Court venue was beautiful with the city behind it!  The seats were fantastic. The Great Ocean Tour was one of our favorites, except I forgot my camera that day.  We did pick up a disposable so we got some shots. The Penguin Parade is something visitors should see if they have time, it was fascinating, but unfortunately 90 minutes away from Melbourne. The Historic Tram Car restaurant was so unique, we ate kangaroo. The Holiday Inn was located conveniently to everything, clean & nice. Cairns, Palm Cove is a beautiful little haven and the hotel was fun.  Although they were having an extreme jellyfish code and no one was allowed to swim, even in the netting. The Great Barrier Reef was something everyone wants to see.  My husband was really looking forward to it, but we’ve snorkeled as good in Hawaii.  I  am still trying to come to terms with humans polluting it with boats and gas.  It was also Australia Day, which we celebrated all day! Sydney was busy! The City tour was interesting & necessary to see the most of the city, the stops were good.  The Harbor lunch cruise was very relaxing, beautiful.  Darling Harbor was a great place for fun.  The Hotel was located very conveniently, clean & nice.  Enjoyed the Chinese New Year parade from our room! The Featherdale Wildlife Park exceeded expectations.  I’ll send you a good photo of a joey in Mom’s pouch. The Blue Mountains were beautiful and a great tour.  Loved the 3 sky lifts, but unfortunately my husband is afraid of heights, he took a nice hike. Brisbane,  the hotel was nice, great upper end shopping close.  The Fraser Island tour was fantastic!  ALTHOUGH, visitors that get car sick or with bad backs probably shouldn’t go on it!  Bill and I have neither so we thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was no one else on the tour older than 35, and I know why!  The 4 wheel drive assault vehicle took us on hours of BUMPY road.  So bumpy both cheeks were off the seat! Lake MacKenzie was the prettiest, clearest lake I’ve ever seen.  I’ll send you a photo where my husband is standing waist high in the water and you can see his toes clearly. All transfers and pickups worked out perfectly.  Even all flights were on time. The trip, accommodations, tours, tennis all exceeded our expectations.  We had a great time. Hope the photos attach. Thanks for your help.  We will be looking for a Wimbledon package in the next few years with another couple.  If you could send me a sample tour for this year. Thanks again.