Anita Adeeko Cook

Hello from London! My dad can’t stop talking about our Wimbledon experience. He said that other than marrying my mom, this has been the most blissfully happy experiences of his life. We REALLY had a priceless, memorable, outstandingly beautiful all-day experience there. Everything was perfect. We watched nearly 5 matches and bought up lots of Wimbledon souvenirs. The people were SO nurturing, professional, and very personable and friendly. The man who handed us our tickets at our table knew you personally. We felt so welcome. Everything was easy to find. The food was unrivaled and the servers were smiling and gracious and well-informed about the current tennis matches the entire time. We really appreciate the fact that you provided us with the hospitality experience. We had no idea how much of a lovely experience in itself hospitality could be. The pianist/saxophonist even played all the songs that I knew from high school. We think highly of the service you provided us and you’ve gained our trust.  I’d like to keep in contact with you about attending either the Australian Open or the US Open. My dad would like to join me again, and my husband Brandon would like to come to see the tennis next time, too.