Bill Herrington

Carlos McCracken has been my best friend for over thirty five years and I have traveled with Carlos and Macsportstravel to many sporting events (US Open Tennis, NBA, Family Circle, etc.) and other trips to Jamaica, Hilton head Island, Kiawah, ski trips, hiking (we usually found time to play tennis and golf). Carlos is very pro-active; he doesn’t sit in front of a computer booking hotels, restaurants and events, but will travel to the event area like Scotland, London, Paris, Melbourne, Ireland, August to check out the needs for his packages and the non sports scene while getting on a personal relationship with his suppliers and locals. A strong point of Carlos is he has never met a stranger; he will find out where the locals go to eat, drink and play to share with his clients so they can experience the area as well as the event they are attending.  Carlos takes great pride in customer service and going beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone has a fun and memorable time. I look forward to joining Carlos at The Master’s in April.