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By MAC Sports Travel on Feb 4, 2020

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Why Group Travel?

We get it. Group travel can be scary, but trust us… it’s not! We love traveling with groups of all sizes. Imagining traveling with a group that shares the same love and passion during a golf or tennis event?.

Mac Sports Travel focuses on sports travel packages only, we customize your travel package and take care of the details for you and your group. And, we offer group leader incentives. We curate group travel for families, friends, work events, leadership groups, networking teams, honeymoons, birthdays and any event that you are celebrating or planning! 

Just a friendly reminder that we book solo, independent travelers, daily! Joining a group journey allows you to travel with great people who share the same travel goals as you do! Fun trips, the best tour guides and the opportunity to build your network with like-minded individuals.


Australian Open 2020 – Melbourne, Australia Featuring Mac Sports Travel Group

What To Expect?

When you travel with Mac Sports Travel expect to have fun. You and your group will have an experienced tour guide to show you the best local food spots, shopping destinations, where to explore and answer all of your questions. 

Group travel doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire trip with the group. We will help you plan day adventures, help with customization to your personalized travel package, lock in your exclusive seats and guide you daily to have the time of your life. 

Rent a bike and spend the day exploring the best local spots with your travel buddies, spend the afternoon with the locals shopping and dining the day away! Whatever is on your bucket list, we will help you with all of the travel details.


Australian Open 2020 – Melbourne, Australia Bike Ride Break

Travel Tips

Eat local food! Don’t be scared to try something new or go outside of your comfort zone. 

Pro tip: order multiple plates and share family style to try all of the best food while. 

Take photos! This sounds like a silly reminder, but trust us… enjoy all of your moments, but take those pictures!! 

Pro tip: set a goal to take at least 10 pics per day. Capture your favorite memories to share on your social media channels, with friends and to daydream after you get back from your trip!

Apps to download before your trip, for both iOS and Android users. 

  • Google Translate is a great app if you are traveling abroad for simple and easy translation 
  • AroundMe identifies where you are and offers solutions for the nearest bank, hospital, supermarkets, local travel options and more!
  • Wifispc keeps you online and connected to WiFi networks in real-time.
  • Flush – trust us, this is a great app to have while you are traveling and even when you aren’t! When you have to go, you need to find the best spot and nearest public toilets where you are.
  • Spotify – chances are, you might already have Spotify on your phone, but take 10 minutes to create a playlist with your favorite songs for your travels. Set the tone (pun intended) with your own playlist to listen to on the plane or to start your mornings.

Need some travel tip inspiration? We found this helpful blog featuring tips on how to pack a suitcase.


Australian Open 2020 – Melbourne, Australia Featuring Mac Sports Travel Group

Not only do we take care of the details for your travel needs, but we can also customize your travel packages so you can explore in between events. We take care of airline and hotel reservations, secure your seats/badges, transfers, coordinate group dinners, and special events and most of all, we have fun!! 

Mac Sports Travel focuses on sports travel packages only and offers the best value in the industry for price, choices, flexible options and insider tips for your event. 

Where to Start?

Let’s chat and get started now! Even if you are thinking of travel a year from now, it’s time to get your seats locked in. Call, email, visit our website to chat, text us to get started!

We are booking for 2020 and 2021 for all golf, tennis, NBA Finals, Kentucky Derby, Tour De France, 2020 Summer Olympics, All Blacks Rugby events and more! 

Partner with us with any questions that you have about travel, event ideas, and all travel questions. 

We just spent the week in Melbourne, Australia for The Australian Open. Our group had such a great time and caught amazing and historic tennis matches that are even better in person.

Check out what a day in the life at The Australian Open feels like and why to partner with Mac Sports Travel for all of your group travel bucket list goals. 


Go to your next tennis tournament!