Golf Bag Tips – To Do’s & To Don’ts

James Bullis
By James Bullis on Dec 9, 2019


Let’s talk golf bag to-dos and to-don’ts. The majority of golfers make significant errors in regard to what we carry and conversely don’t carry in our golf bags. From accessories, clubs, covers, or even the bag itself, these are five things that you should possess – or eliminate – from your golf bag immediately. 

Use a Sharpie to mark your ball


We start our golf days early and sometimes pick up last-minute 18-holes and a fun, relaxing day with your group. You tell the group that you’ll be playing with the Titleist Pro V1x, the most popular ball in the market when two other people in your group chime in and state that they have the same exact ball. 

Easy pro tip: Bring a Sharpie to mark your ball(s) to cut back on hunting time or any mixups. Draw a simple design, add small dots, numbers, coloring the ball itself or adding your initials!

Too many bag tags | sometimes less is more



Bag tags are integral to the personality and makeup of an individual and their golfing accomplishments. But, we’ve also seen a bag or 12 that go a bit overboard with their bag tags, which lead to the tags to get tangled with their clubs, tees, and all golfing related items. 


If you’re part of a private club, are a tournament winner, or have completed a significantly difficult course such as Pebble Beach, then keep it on. However, if you have tags from being a local charity event participant, old airline tags, or more, take it off and keep it clean and hassle-free. But, keep your tags together on a hook or lanyard in case you want to use them in the future or for happy memories!

Rangefinders or GPS



Pro tip! Add a rangefinder or course GPS app on your phone or do yourself a huge favor and treat yourself to one. The rangefinder and GPS assistant will cut back on time guesstimating distances, pacing the golf course to find relative yardages, or straining your eyes to look for yardage markers. This minimal investment will be a huge improvement to your game and make your relaxing day even better!!

Clubs over 5 years old (with exception of putters)

You may have heard this one before “These clubs are ok for me; the new stuff really isn’t as good.” But… if your clubs are over half-a-decade old, it might be time to move on. Ask one of your golf pals who has the newest driver to take it for a mini test drive to see how it feels, you might be rushing to your nearest golf store to pick up the newest technology.

Clubs vs course

One tip that we love is to think about the course you play most and make sure that every club you choose serves a specific purpose. Do you really need that 2-iron that you can barely lift? Maybe your course has a multitude of dogleg lefts and your tendency is to fight a slice (a draw-leaning driver might help).

If you are in the sand using a pitching wedge and your course has the majority of its shots between seventy and one hundred yards – consider investing in two additional wedges. The course you play should dictate the type of clubs you bring to the course.

What are your favorite golf bag hacks or pro tips? Share in the comments! 

Most of all have fun!! That really should be #1 on the list!! 

Embrace it and live it up on the course!

Go to your next tennis tournament!