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James Bullis
By James Bullis on Dec 6, 2019

Take it to the Court

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most physically grueling sports ever created. The mental toughness required combined with the stakes of the match resting all on your own shoulders is quite the toll, and is what makes tennis such a popular and esteemed sport. The last thing players should be worrying about the shoes on their feet and the court.


Just do it. The G.O.A.T. of shoes for athletes and well, the world. The best tennis players in the universe such as Nadal, Serena Williams, and Federer trust Nike footwear and gear while playing against world-class competition. Some of our favorite tennis shoes from Nike are:

Nike Vapor 

The vapor Nike shoes are undoubtedly the most popular shoes used in the sport right now. These shoes are used by almost all ATP and WTA professionals and are seen from the amateur levels of tennis all the way to the most prestigious levels of tennis. These shoes are extremely lightweight and allow quick-twitch movement, breathable to allow airflow, and comfortable, molding towards your foot. These are the prime and premier shoes on the market right now, and if you are a pro or novice, the Vapor is your go-to shoe. We love the Vapor color options, too!

Nike Cage 

Nike Cage shoes are also used widely throughout the tennis world a popular fan favorite. These shoes are touted for their extreme durability, especially under long matches and tournaments. Perfect for athletes that drag their toes and require stable ankle support.

Nike Zoom Zero 

Debuting in 2018, the Zoom Zero shoe niche is a technologically advanced hybrid between the Cage and Vapor selections and has been called “the future of tennis shoes”. Sloane Stephens and Maria Sakkari have been known to rock these shoes. The Zoom Zero is a perfect balance between durability, foot stability, and performance.

New Balance

New Balance has been widely touted for two main aspects of their shoe: they accommodate wide feet effectively and they have a unique numbering system that varies from the conventional system. New Balance makes it a point to offer varying wideness of shoes and even offers a numbering system that has increasing numbers for more increasingly sophisticated technology. 

Here are some of our favorite New Balance tennis shoes:

New Balance Fresh Foam Lav 

New Balance teamed up with pro player Milos Raonic to design this shoe that features their signature Fresh Foam midsole, an external heel counter and Kinetic Stitch that helps with the stability of your game.

The stitch in the webbing of the shoe offers an adaptive fit, allowing more fitted and responsive movement. The Fresh Foam Lav shoe is a fantastic addition to the New Balance family. 

New Balance 966

This classic athletic shoe is an icon for the ages, yet refreshed with new and updated colors for an unforgettable style. The 996s are extremely sturdy and come with an outsole warranty, along with a hand-knitted upper stitch and technological REVlite midsole for cushioning and responsiveness. 

New Balance 1006 

The 1006 series is by far the most diverse shoe released by the company. They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and stable. These also contain a REVlite midsole and contain a durability guarantee. New Balance doesn’t design to fit an image, they design shoes to fit and support all levels of athletes.



Babolat might be an underrated shoe and well known for their tennis rackets, but they are the perfect shoe for agile and fast games. Fun fact: Babolat collaborated with Michelin to designed a sole to give players long-lasting, exceptional performance.

Babolat Jet 

The Babolat Jet tennis shoes have extremely lightweight technology due to an advanced technology developed in partnership with Matryx, which combines a technical upper fabric consisting of Polyamide fibers. The resulting outcome is an adaptable and breathable material that’s abrasion-resistant and quite durable. The Jet shoe line is extremely streamlined and effective. Pro tip: read the reviews when ordering your size. These tend to run narrow and small. 

Babolat Propulse

Propulse Shoes are highly focused on durability, offering stable support and long-lasting durability. The Propulse is currently the leading men’s tennis shoe and also comes with a significantly long outsole warranty. We love the Propulse have been huge fans of these good looking shoes.





The top players in the world, including Zverev, Thiem, Kerber, and Wozniacki all wear Adidas branded shoes during their training and game. Adidas has also released a line that includes Parley shoes, which are seamless and environmentally friendly and sustainable. These shoes use ocean plastic recycled from waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean. 

Adidas Adizero 

The Adizero is known for it’s lightweight and comfort knitted feel. These shoes are extremely breathable and flexible, as well as stable, supportive, and durable. The Adizero was crafted by master Japanese shoemaker Omori and worn by the top marathon finishers in the world, athletes and tennis masters because of their precise fit for training and long-distance racing.

Adidas Barricade 

For two decades, the Barricade has been one of the most iconic shoes in tennis, but Adidas decided to pause the show in 2019 and 2020 to innovate the original concept that launched in 2010. If you are a fan, be sure to keep an eye out for the Barricade being revamped and updated!




Asics has forever been a mainstay in the tennis shoe market and has recently evolved and adapted into taking their talents to tennis. Despite arriving later to the scene than Powerhouses Nike and Adidas, their high-quality devotion and shoe technology have propelled them to the top, gaining notoriety with many professionals worldwide. Novak Djokovic, quite possibly the most dominant player in tennis history, wears Asics shoes for training and competing.

Asics Gel-Resolution

The gel-resolution line is undoubtedly the most durable of all the Asics’ shoes. The premier gel cushion technology is great for supporting joints and of course, providing additional comfort. They are built to take a beating and provide spring and flexibility.

Asics Court FF 

The Court FF Shoes are named after and endorsed by Djokovic exclusively. The Court FF uses “flight foam” technology which allows a boost comfort which is easy on the joints. Additionally, these have a built-in sock system that wicks away moisture and offers an exceptional feel, quickness, durability, and significant foot support. 

What is your go-to shoe for training and competing? The market is huge for tennis shoes, but usually, players stick to their favorite brand and remain committed for the long haul. Happy playing!

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